North Carolina General Statutes § 147-82 Accounts of funds kept separate

In order to preserve and keep them separate, all funds that are now required by law to be kept separate or to be separately administered, both by State departments, institutions, commissions, and other agencies or divisions of the State which collect or receive funds belonging to the State, or funds handled or maintained as trust funds in any form by such department, division or institution shall be evidenced in daily reports by distribution sheets, which shall reflect and show an exact copy of the accounts, showing the distribution of said money kept by such collecting departments, institutions and agencies, and the same shall be entered in the records of the office of the State Treasurer, so as to keep and maintain in the office where the same is first collected or received the same account thereof, and of the distribution thereof, the same records and accounts as are kept in the office of the State Treasurer relating thereto. (1925, c. 128, s. 5.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014