North Carolina General Statutes § 147-86.21 State agencies to collect accounts receivable in accordance with statewide policies

A State agency to which an account receivable is owed is responsible for collecting the account receivable.  In fulfilling this responsibility, a State agency shall establish internal policies and procedures for the management and collection of accounts receivable and shall submit its internal policies and procedures to the State Controller for review.

The State Controller shall examine the policies and procedures submitted by a State agency to determine whether they are consistent with statewide policies and procedures adopted by the State Controller.  The statewide policies and procedures shall ensure that a State agency takes all cost-effective and appropriate actions to collect accounts receivable owed to it.  If the State Controller determines that a State agency's policies and procedures are not consistent with the statewide policies and procedures, the State Controller shall discuss the inconsistencies with the State agency to determine whether special circumstances, such as a requirement of federal law, justify the inconsistencies.  If the State Controller, after consulting with the Office of the Attorney General, finds that no special circumstances justify the inconsistencies, the State Controller shall notify the State agency and the State agency shall conform its policies and procedures to the statewide policies and procedures.  If the State Controller finds that special circumstances justify the inconsistencies, the State agency's internal policies and procedures shall reflect the special circumstances. (1993, c. 512, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014