North Carolina General Statutes § 147-86.48 Reinvestment in certain companies with Scrutinized Active Business Operations

Notwithstanding anything in this article, the Public Fund is permitted to cease divesting from certain Scrutinized Companies pursuant to G.S. 147-86.44(c) and/or reinvest in certain Scrutinized Companies from which it divested pursuant to G.S. 147-86.44(c) if clear and convincing evidence shows that the value for all assets under management by the Public Fund becomes equal to or less than 99.50% (50 basis points) of the hypothetical value of all assets under management by the Public Fund assuming no divestment for any company had occurred under G.S. 147-86.44(c). Cessation of divestment, reinvestment, and/or any subsequent ongoing investment authorized by this section shall be strictly limited to the minimum steps necessary to avoid the contingency set forth in the preceding sentence. For any cessation of divestment, reinvestment, and/or subsequent ongoing investment authorized by this section, the Public Fund shall provide a written report to the General Assembly in advance of initial reinvestment, updated semiannually thereafter as applicable, setting forth the reasons and justification, supported by clear and convincing evidence, for its decisions to cease divestment, reinvest, and/or remain invested in Companies with Scrutinized Active Business Operations. This section has no application to reinvestment in Companies on the ground that they have ceased to have Scrutinized Active Business Operations. (2007-486, s. 8.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014