North Carolina General Statutes § 153A-146 (Effective until July 1, 2015 - see notes) General power to impose taxes

A county may impose taxes only as specifically authorized by act of the General Assembly. Except when the statute authorizing a tax provides for penalties and interest, the power to impose a tax includes the power to impose reasonable penalties for failure to declare tax liability, if required, and to impose penalties or interest for failure to pay taxes lawfully due within the time prescribed by law or ordinance. The power to impose a tax also includes the power to provide for its administration in a manner not inconsistent with the statute authorizing the tax. (1868, c. 20, s. 8; Code, s. 707; Rev., s. 1318; C.S., s. 1297; 1973, c. 822, s. 1; 2012-152, s. 4; 2012-194, s. 61.5(b).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014