North Carolina General Statutes § 159-171 Grant anticipation notes

(a)        A unit of local government is authorized to borrow money for the purpose of paying appropriations made for a capital project in anticipation of the receipt of moneys from grant commitments for such capital project from the State or the United States or any agencies of either, and to issue its negotiable notes in evidence thereof. Grant anticipation notes shall mature not later than 12 months after the estimated completion date of such capital project as determined by the governing body of the unit of local government and may be renewed from time to time, but no renewal shall mature later than 12 months after the estimated completion date of such capital project.

(b)        No grant anticipation note may be issued if the amount thereof, together with the amount of all other notes authorized or issued in anticipation of the same grant commitment, shall exceed ninety percent (90%) of the unpaid amount of said grant commitment. Each note shall bear on its face a statement to the effect that it is payable solely from moneys received from a described grant and that the faith and credit of the issuing unit are not pledged for the payment thereof, and on its face or reverse the following certificate signed by the finance officer: "This note and all other grant anticipation notes of  (issuing unit) authorized or outstanding as of (date) and issued or to be issued in anticipation of (describe grant commitment) amount to ninety percent (90%) or less of the unpaid amount of said grant commitment." No grant anticipation note shall be valid without this certificate.

(c)        Grant anticipation notes issued under this section shall be special obligations of the issuing unit. Neither the credit nor the taxing power of the issuing unit may be pledged for the payment of grant anticipation notes, and no holder of such notes shall have the right to compel the exercise of the taxing power by the issuing unit or the forfeiture of any of its property in connection with any default thereon. (1975, c. 674, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014