North Carolina General Statutes § 161-14.01 Registration of instruments for business and other purposes

(a)        The register of deeds is hereby authorized to record and file documents relating to persons, partnerships, and corporations for business and other purposes, including but not limited to certificates of partnerships, assumed business names, incorporations, dissolutions, or amendments thereto, in a consolidated book or record, including books or records used for the filing of deeds, deeds of trust, leases, and similar documents. It is the intent of this section that the register of deeds may file and record some or all of the above instruments and documents and those of a similar nature in one book or record or in a series of books or records consolidated for recording purposes; provided, said instruments and documents shall be indexed as required by law.

(b)        All other laws providing for the filing of documents provided for herein shall not be applicable to the county upon adoption by the register of deeds of a consolidated recording and filing system as authorized herein. (1973, c. 1013, ss. 1, 2.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014