North Carolina General Statutes § 163-278.26 Appeals from State Board of Elections; early docketing

Any candidate for nomination or election who is denied a declaration of nomination or certificate of election, pursuant to G.S. 163-278.25, may, within five days after the action of the Board under that section, appeal to the Superior Court of Wake County for a final determination of any questions of law or fact which may be involved in the Board's action. The cause shall be entitled "In the Matter of the Candidacy of ______ ." It shall be placed on the civil docket of that court and shall have precedence over all other civil actions. In the event of an appeal, the chairman of the Board shall certify the record to the clerk of that court within five days after the appeal is noted.

The record on appeal shall consist of all reports filed by the candidate or his treasurer with the Board pursuant to this Article, and a memorandum of the Board setting forth with particularity the reasons for its action in denying the candidate a declaration of nomination or certificate of election. Written notice of the appeal shall be given to the Board by the candidate or his attorney, and may be effected by mail or personal delivery. On appeal, the cause shall be heard de novo. (1973, c. 1272, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014