North Carolina General Statutes § 28A-12-6 Removal from office

If letters of administration issued to the public administrator with respect to any estate are subsequently revoked on the grounds that they were obtained by false representation as provided in G.S. 28A-9-1(a)(2), or on the grounds as specified in G.S. 28A-9-1(a)(1), 28A-9-1(a)(3), 28A-9-2(a)(3), 28A-9-2(a)(5), or 28A-9-2(a)(6) or if the public administrator becomes a nonresident of the State, the clerk of superior court shall order the removal of the public administrator from office upon notice and hearing in accordance with Article 2 of this Chapter.  (1973, c. 1329, s. 3; 2011-344, s. 4.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014