North Carolina General Statutes § 28A-22-2 Shares of after-born and after-adopted children

The share of an after-born or after-adopted child, as provided by G.S. 29-9 and 31-5.5, shall be allotted to the after-born or after-adopted child out of any undevised real or personal property, or out of both, if there is enough such undevised property for that purpose. If there is no undevised real or personal property, or if there is not enough, then the whole of the child's share, or the deficiency, shall be made up from the devised real or personal property, or from both. The portion contributed by a devisee shall bear the same ratio to the devisee's devise as the after-born or after-adopted child's share bears to the net estate.  (1868-9, c. 113, ss. 108, 109; Code, ss. 1536, 1537; Rev., ss. 138, 139; C.S., ss. 141, 142; 1973, c. 1329, s. 3; 2011-344, s. 4.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014