North Carolina General Statutes § 28B-9 Specific property valued at less than ,000; summary procedure

(a)        If the spouse of any person defined as an absentee in military service by this Chapter, or his next of kin, if said absentee in military service has no spouse, shall wish to sell or transfer any property of the absentee in military service which has a gross value of less than five thousand dollars ($5,000), or shall require the consent of the absentee in military service in any matter regarding the children of the absentee in military service, or in any other matter in which the gross value of the subject matter is less than five thousand dollars ($5,000), such spouse may apply to the superior court for an order authorizing said sale, transfer, or consent without opening a full receivership proceeding as provided by this Chapter. Said application shall be made by petition on the following form, which form shall be made available to the applicant by the clerk of the superior court:





In re: (absentee), PETITION FOR SUMMARY APPOINTMENT OF RECEIVER NOW COMES, (name of petitioner), petitioner in this action, pursuant to G.S.______, and requests the Court that he be appointed a receiver to sell/transfer (describe property) of the value of (value) because (give reasons). Petitioner is______ years of age, resides at (address) in ______ County, North Carolina, and is the (relation) of (name of absentee) who has been (pow or mia) since (date of notification). The terms of the sale/transfer are (terms). Petitioner requires the consent of the absentee for the purpose of (give reasons).

                                                                                    (Signature) __________________________

The above named, ______, being by me duly sworn, says the foregoing petition is true and correct to the best of his knowledge.


                                                                                                Notary Public

                                                                                                My commission expires __________

(b)        The court shall, without hearing or notice, enter an order on said petition if it deems the relief requested in said petition necessary to protect the best interest of the absentee in military service or his dependents.

(c)        Such order shall be prima facie evidence of the validity of the proceedings and the authority of the petitioner to make a conveyance or transfer property or to give the consent of the absentee in military service in any matter prescribed by subsection (a). (1973, c. 522, s. 9.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014