North Carolina General Statutes § 46-6 Unknown or unlocatable parties; summons, notice, and representation

(a)        If, upon the filing of a petition for partition, it be made to appear to the court by affidavit or otherwise that there are any persons interested in the premises whose names are unknown to and cannot after due diligence be ascertained by the petitioner, the court shall order notices to be given to all such persons by a publication of the petition, or of the substance thereof, with the order of the court thereon, in one or more newspapers to be designated in the order. The notice by publication shall include a description of the property which includes the street address, if any, or other common designation for the property, if any, and may include the legal description of the property.

(b)        Before or after such general notice by publication if any person interested in the premises and entitled to notice fails to appear, the court shall appoint some disinterested person to represent the owner of any shares in the property to be divided, the ownership of which is unknown or unlocatable and unrepresented.  (1887, c. 284; Rev., s. 2490; C.S., s. 3218; 2009-512, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014