North Carolina General Statutes § 47-2.2 Notary public of sister state; lack of seal or stamp or expiration date of commission

(a) If the proof or acknowledgment of any instrument is had before a notary public of any state other than North Carolina and the instrument does not (i) show the seal or stamp of the notary public, (ii) provide evidence pursuant to subsection (b) of this section that a seal or stamp is not required and the expiration date of the commission of the notary public, or (iii) state that the notary's commission does not expire or is a lifetime appointment, the certificate of proof or acknowledgment made by such notary public shall be accompanied by the certificate of the county official before whom the notary qualifies for office or of a state officer authorized to issue certificates regarding notary commission status, stating that such notary public was at the time his certificate bears date an acting notary public of such state, and that such notary's genuine signature is set to his certificate. The certificate of the official herein provided for shall be under his hand and official seal.

(b) A proof or acknowledgement which does not require a seal or stamp of the notary to be effective in the jurisdiction issuing the notary's commission shall include either (i) a statement by the notary within the proof or acknowledgement area of the instrument that the notary is not required to utilize a seal or stamp or (ii) a reference that purports to be the statute of the commissioning state which provides that no seal or stamp is required together with a statement that the notary is not required to utilize a seal or stamp. The register of deeds may rely upon this statement and is not responsible for confirming its validity or the authority of the person making it. A register of deeds may not refuse to accept a record for registration because a notarial seal or stamp is omitted from the proof or acknowledgement if the provisions of this subsection have been complied with in the proof or acknowledgement. The acceptance of a record for registration under this subsection shall give rise to a presumption that the seal or stamp was not required to be affixed by the notary. This presumption is rebuttable and shall apply to all instruments whenever recorded. However, a court order finding the lack of a valid seal shall not affect the rights of a person who (i) records an interest in the real property described in the instrument before the finding of a lack of a valid seal and (ii) would otherwise have an enforceable interest in the real property. (1973, c. 1016; 2013-204, s. 1.12.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014