North Carolina General Statutes § 47-24 Conditional sales or leases of railroad property

When any railroad equipment and rolling stock is sold, leased or loaned on the condition that the title to the same, notwithstanding the possession and use of the same by the vendee, lessee, or bailee, shall remain in the vendor, lessor or bailor until the terms of the contract, as to the payment of the installments, amounts or rentals payable, or the performance of other obligations thereunder, shall have been fully complied with, such contract shall be invalid as to any subsequent judgment creditor, or any subsequent purchaser for a valuable consideration without notice, unless -

(1)        The same is evidenced by writing duly acknowledged before some person authorized to take acknowledgments of deeds.

(2)        Such writing is registered as mortgages are registered, in the office of the register of deeds in at least one county in which such vendee, lessee or bailee does business.

(3)        Each locomotive or car so sold, leased or loaned has the name of the vendor, lessor, or bailor, or the assignee of such vendor, lessor or bailor plainly marked upon both sides thereof, followed by the word owner, lessor, bailor or assignee as the case may be.

This section shall not apply to or invalidate any contract made before the twelfth day of March, 1883. (1883, c. 416; Code, s. 2006; Rev., s. 984; 1907, c. 150, s. 1; C.S., s. 3313.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014