North Carolina General Statutes § 50C-1 Definitions

The following definitions apply in this Chapter:

(1)        Abuse. - To physically or mentally harm, harass, intimidate, or interfere with the personal liberty of another.

(2)        Civil no-contact order. - An order granted under this Chapter, which includes a remedy authorized by G.S. 50C-5.

(3)        Nonconsensual. - A lack of freely given consent.

(4)        Sexual conduct. - Any intentional or knowing touching, fondling, or sexual penetration by a person, either directly or through clothing, of the sexual organs, anus, or breast of another, whether an adult or a minor, for the purpose of sexual gratification or arousal. For purposes of this subdivision, the term shall include the transfer or transmission of semen.

(5)        Repealed by Session Laws 2004-199, s. 50, effective August 17, 2004.

(6)        Stalking. - On more than one occasion, following or otherwise harassing, as defined in G.S. 14-277.3A(b)(2), another person without legal purpose with the intent to do any of the following:

a.         Place the person in reasonable fear either for the person's safety or the safety of the person's immediate family or close personal associates.

b.         Cause that person to suffer substantial emotional distress by placing that person in fear of death, bodily injury, or continued harassment and that in fact causes that person substantial emotional distress.

(7)        Unlawful conduct. - The commission of one or more of the following acts by a person 16 years of age or older upon a person, but does not include acts of self-defense or defense of others:

a.         Nonconsensual sexual conduct, including single incidences of nonconsensual sexual conduct.

b.         Stalking.

(8)        Victim. - A person against whom an act of unlawful conduct has been committed by another person not involved in a personal relationship with the person as defined in G.S. 50B-1(b).  (2004-194, s. 1; 2004-199, s. 50; 2007-199, s. 1; 2009-58, s. 6.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014