North Carolina General Statutes § 52C-3-305 Duties and powers of responding tribunal

(a)        When a responding tribunal of this State receives a petition or comparable pleading from an initiating tribunal or directly pursuant to G.S. 52C-3-301(c) it shall cause the petition or pleading to be filed and notify the petitioner where and when it was filed.

(b)        A responding tribunal of this State, to the extent otherwise authorized by law, may do one or more of the following:

(1)        Issue or enforce a support order, modify a child support order, or render a judgment to determine parentage;

(2)        Order an obligor to comply with a support order, specifying the amount and the manner of compliance;

(3)        Order income withholding;

(4)        Determine the amount of any arrears, and specify a method of payment;

(5)        Enforce orders by civil or criminal contempt, or both;

(6)        Set aside property for satisfaction of the support order;

(7)        Place liens and order execution on the obligor's property;

(8)        Order an obligor to keep the tribunal informed of the obligor's current residential address, telephone number, employer, address of employment, and telephone number at the place of employment;

(9)        Issue an order for arrest for an obligor who has failed after proper notice to appear at a hearing ordered by the tribunal and enter the order for arrest in any local and State computer systems for criminal warrants;

(10)      Order the obligor to seek appropriate employment by specified methods;

(11)      Award reasonable attorneys' fees and other fees and costs; and

(12)      Grant any other available remedy.

(c)        A responding tribunal of this State shall include in a support order issued under this Chapter, or in the documents accompanying the order, the calculations on which the support order is based.

(d)       A responding tribunal of this State may not condition the payment of a support order issued under this Chapter upon compliance by a party with provisions for visitation.

(e)        If a responding tribunal of this State issues an order under this Chapter, the tribunal shall send a copy of the order to the petitioner and the respondent and to the initiating tribunal, if any. (1995, c. 538, s. 7(c); 1997-433, s. 10.5; 1998-17, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014