North Carolina General Statutes § 53C-7-104 Actions on control transaction applications

(a)        The Commissioner shall examine the proposed control transaction, including the character, competence, and experience of the acquiring person and its proposed management personnel, to determine whether the interests of the customers and communities served by the bank would be adversely affected by the proposed control transaction. Not later than the 60th day following receipt of a completed application for approval of a control transaction, unless extraordinary circumstances require a longer period of review, the Commissioner shall approve or deny the application.

(b)        The Commissioner may deny an application for approval of a control transaction for any of the following reasons:

(1)        The financial condition of the person seeking approval of a control transaction could jeopardize the financial stability of the bank or the financial interests of its customers.

(2)        An examination of the character, competence, and experience of any acquiring person or of any of the proposed management personnel shows that it would not be in the interest of the depositors of the bank, or in the interest of the public, to permit the person to control the bank.

(3)        The plans or proposals of the person seeking approval with respect to exercising control over the bank would not be in the best interests of the bank's customers.

(4)        Upon the effective date of such proposed control transaction, the bank would not be solvent, have inadequate capital, or not be in compliance with this Chapter or rules of the Commissioner.

(5)        The application for approval is incomplete.

(6)        If the acquiring person solicits votes for the approval of or consents to the control transaction from the holders of the voting securities of the bank, adequate and complete disclosures of all material information about the proposed control transaction, together with a prominent statement that neither the control transaction nor any solicitation of the holders' votes or consents have been approved by the Commissioner and that any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense, have not been made to the holders.

(c)        If an application filed under this Part is approved by the Commissioner, the control transaction may become effective. All conditions to approval set forth in the order of the Commissioner shall be enforceable against the person, and each member of a group of persons, receiving the approval.  (2012-56, s. 4.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014