North Carolina General Statutes § 54-64 Bond issues

(a)        The bonds to be issued by any land mortgage association may be issued for such amounts, bearing such serial number, and date or dates, and be payable at such time and times, bear such rate of interest, and be redeemable at maturity or upon notice at such times and in such manner, as the land mortgage association may, subject to the approval of the Banking Commission, deem advisable.

(b)        Each land mortgage association shall keep a register for the registration and transfer of bonds issued by it in which it shall register, or cause to be registered, all bonds upon presentation thereof for such purpose; and such register shall contain the post-office address of all registered holders of bonds and shall, at all reasonable times, be open to the inspection of the Banking Commission, or any of its deputies, and to the State Treasurer. (1925, c. 223, s. 16.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014