North Carolina General Statutes § 54B-37.1 Simultaneous conversion/merger

(a)        The Commissioner of Banks shall not approve any application for the conversion of an association from mutual to stock form and its simultaneous (i) merger into a stock-owned savings institution or bank or (ii) acquisition by an operating financial institution holding company except as authorized in subsection (b) of this section. As used in this section, "simultaneous conversion/merger" shall mean a transaction in which the members of a mutual association proposing to convert to stock form are offered the opportunity to purchase (i) stock in the savings institution or bank into which it will be merged or (ii) stock in the holding company by which it will be acquired.

(b)        The Commissioner of Banks shall approve a plan of simultaneous conversion/merger only if:

(1)        The transaction is proposed to address supervisory concerns of the Commissioner of Banks as to the safety and soundness of the mutual association; or

(2)        The mutual association:

a.         Operates in a local market area in which long-term trends make reasonable growth, continued profitability, and safe and sound operation appear unlikely;

b.         Furnishes evidence concerning its asset size, capital to assets ratio, and other factors, which may include a cost/benefit analysis, satisfactory to the Commissioner of Banks that a simultaneous conversion/merger is more likely than remaining independent, merging with a mutual institution, converting to stock ownership, or other alternatives available to the association, to result in deposit, credit, and other financial services being provided within the local community safely and soundly on a long-term basis; and

c.         Furnishes evidence satisfactory to the Commissioner of Banks that no director, officer, or other person associated with the parties to the proposed transaction will receive benefits as a result of the simultaneous conversion/merger which in the aggregate exceed those permitted under federal regulations governing similar transactions.

(c)        The Commissioner of Banks may adopt rules to govern simultaneous conversion/mergers, which rules shall contain restrictions or limitations which equal or exceed the limitations or restrictions contained in the rules of federal regulatory agencies governing similar transactions. No plan of a simultaneous conversion/merger shall be approved by the Commissioner of Banks unless it includes notification by first class mail to the members of the association to be acquired explaining the details of the plan including economic benefits or incentives to be received by officers and directors of the association, if any. Shares of stock in the acquiring entity purchased at a discount or otherwise by members of the association as part of the simultaneous conversion/merger shall be without limitation on subsequent sales by such members: provided, however, rules adopted by the Commissioner of Banks may place limitations of the sale of such stock purchased by officers and directors of the association. (1995, c. 479, s. 4; 2001-193, s. 16.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014