North Carolina General Statutes § 59-82 Surviving partner to account and settle

In case the surviving partner shall not avail himself of the privilege of purchasing the interest of the deceased partner, he shall, within six months from the date of the first publication of notice to creditors, file with the clerk of the superior court of the county where the partnership was located, an account, under oath, stating his action as surviving partner, and shall come to a settlement with the executor or administrator of the deceased partner: Provided, that the clerk of the superior court shall have power, upon  good cause shown, to extend the time within which said final settlement shall be made. The surviving partner for his services in settling the partnership estate shall receive commissions to be allowed by the court. (1901, c. 640, s. 7; Rev., s. 2546; C.S., s. 3285; 1947, c. 781; 1957, c. 783, s. 6; 1973, c. 1410, s. 4.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014