North Carolina General Statutes § 65-53.1 Inspectors

(a)        The Commission may appoint one or more agents who shall serve at the pleasure of the Commission and who shall have the title "Inspector of the North Carolina Cemetery Commission."

(b)        To determine compliance with the provisions of this Article and regulations promulgated under this Article, inspectors may do the following:

(1)        Enter the office, establishment, or place of business in North Carolina of any cemetery broker, cemetery company, cemetery management organization, cemetery sales organization, or preneed sales licensee to inspect the records, office, establishment, or facility or to inspect the practice conducted or license of any licensee.

(2)        Inspect criminal and probation records of licensees and applicants for licenses under this Article to obtain evidence of their character.

(c)        Inspectors may serve papers and subpoenas issued by the Commission or any office or member thereof under authority of this Article and shall perform other duties prescribed or ordered by the Commission.

(d)       The Commission may prescribe an inspection form to be used by the inspectors in performing their duties.

(e)        Upon request by the Commission, the Attorney General of North Carolina shall provide the inspectors with appropriate identification cards signed by the Attorney General or his or her designated agent. In lieu of identification cards, the Commission may design and issue badges to inspectors.  (2012-120, s. 3(e).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014