North Carolina General Statutes § 66-15 Shipping containers regulated

All match boxes or packages shall be packed in strong shipping containers or cases; maximum number of match boxes or packages contained in any one shipping container or case shall not exceed the following number:


Nominal Number

Number of Boxes                                                                                     of Matches per Box

l/2 gross                                                                                                           700

1 gross                                                                                                             500

2 gross                                                                                                             400

3 gross                                                                                                             300

5 gross                                                                                                             200

12 gross                                                                                                           100

20 gross over 50 and under                                                                             100

25 gross under                                                                                                 50


No shipping container or case constructed of fiber board, corrugated fiber board, or wood, nailed or wirebound, shall exceed a weight, including its contents, of 75 pounds; and no lock-cornered wooden case containing matches shall have a weight, including its contents, exceeding 85 pounds; nor shall any other article or commodity be packed with matches in any such container or case; and all such containers and cases in which matches are packed shall have plainly marked on the outside of the container or case the words "Strike-Anywhere Matches" or "Strike-on-the-Box Matches." (1915, c. 109, s. 12, III; C.S., s. 5116.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014