North Carolina General Statutes § 66-394 Pawnbroker transactions

In every pawn transaction:

(1)        The original pawn contract shall have a maturity date of not less than 30 days, provided that nothing herein shall prevent the pledgor from redeeming the property before the maturity date;

(2)        Any personal property pledged to a pawnbroker in this State is subject to sale or disposal when there has been no payment made on the account for a period of 60 days past maturity date of the original contract; provided that the contract between the pledgor and the pawnbroker is renewable if renewal is agreed upon by both the parties;

(3)        Every pawn ticket or receipt for such pawn shall have printed thereon the provisions of subdivision (1) of this section which shall constitute: (i) notice of such sale or disposal, (ii) notice of intention to sell or dispose of the property without further notice, and (iii) consent to such sale or disposal. The pledgor thereby forfeits all right, title and interest of, in, and to such pawned property to the pawnbroker who thereby acquires absolute title to the same, whereupon the debt is satisfied and the pawnbroker may sell or dispose of the unredeemed pledges as his own property. Any sale or disposal of property under this section terminates all liability of the pawnbroker and vests in the purchaser the right, title, and interest of the borrower and the pawnbroker;

(4)        If the borrower loses his pawn ticket he shall not thereby forfeit his right to redeem, but may, before the lapse of the redemption period, make an affidavit with indemnification for such loss. The affidavit shall describe the property pawned and shall take the place of the lost pawn ticket unless the pawned property has already been redeemed with the original pawn ticket; and

(5)        A pledgor is not obligated to redeem pledged goods or make any payment on a pawn transaction.  (1989, c. 638, s. 2; 2012-46, s. 2.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014