North Carolina General Statutes § 89C-10 Board powers

(a)        The Board may adopt and amend all rules and rules of procedure as may be reasonably necessary for the proper performance of its duties, the regulation of its procedures, meetings, records, the administration of examinations, and the authority to enforce the rules of professional conduct as may be adopted by the Board pursuant to G.S. 89C-20.

The action by the Board in carrying out any of the powers specified in this section shall be binding upon all persons licensed under this Chapter, including corporations and business firms holding certificates of authorization.

(b)        The Board shall adopt and have an official seal, which shall be affixed to each certificate issued.

(c)        The Board may in the name of the State apply for relief, by injunction, in the established manner provided in cases of civil procedure, without bond, to enforce the provisions of this Chapter, or to restrain any violation of the provisions of this Chapter. In proceedings for injunctive relief, it shall not be necessary to allege or prove either that an adequate remedy at law does not exist, or that substantial or irreparable damage would result from the continued violation of the provisions of this Chapter. The members of the Board shall not be personally liable under this proceeding.

(d)       The Board may subject an applicant for licensure to any examination necessary to determine the applicant's qualifications.

(e)        The Board may issue an appropriate certificate of licensure to any applicant who, in the opinion of the Board, has met the requirements of this Chapter.

(f)        It shall be the responsibility and duty of the Board to conduct a regular program of investigation concerning all matters within its jurisdiction under the provisions of this Chapter. The investigation of a licensee is confidential until the Board issues a citation to the licensee. The Board may expend its funds for salaries, fees, and per diem expenses, in connection with its investigations, provided that no funds other than per diem expenses shall be paid to any member of the Board in connection with its investigations, nor may any member of the Board give testimony and later sit in deciding on any matter which may directly involve punitive action for the testimony.

(g)        The Board may use its funds to establish and conduct instructional programs for persons who are currently licensed to practice engineering or land surveying, as well as refresher courses for persons interested in obtaining adequate instruction or programs of study to qualify them for licensure to practice engineering or land surveying. The Board may expend its funds for these purposes and may not only conduct, sponsor, and arrange for instructional programs, but also may carry out instructional programs through extension courses or other media. The Board may enter into plans or agreements with community colleges, public or private institutions of higher learning, State and county boards of education, or with the governing authority of any industrial education center for the purpose of planning, scheduling or arranging courses, instruction, extension courses, or in assisting in obtaining courses of study or programs in the field of engineering and land surveying. The Board shall encourage the educational institutions in this State to offer courses necessary to complete the educational requirements of this Chapter. For the purpose of carrying out these objectives, the Board may adopt rules as may be necessary for the educational programs, instruction, extension services, or for entering into plans or contracts with persons or educational and industrial institutions.

(h)        The Board may license sponsors of continuing professional competency activities who agree to conduct programs in accordance with standards adopted by the Board. Sponsors shall pay a license fee established by the Board, not to exceed two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) for licensure under this subsection. The license fee shall accompany the application. Sponsors shall renew their licenses annually on a form provided by the Board.

(i)         The Board shall have the power to acquire, hold, rent, encumber, alienate, and otherwise deal with real property in the same manner as a private person or corporation, subject only to approval of the Governor and the Council of State. Collateral pledged by the Board for an encumbrance is limited to the assets, income, and revenues of the Board. (1921, c. 1, ss. 3-6; C.S., ss. 6055(d)-6055(g); 1951, c. 1084, s. 1; 1957, c. 1060, s. 1; 1963, c. 843; 1965, c. 940; 1975, c. 681, s. 1; 1985 (Reg. Sess., 1986), c. 977, s. 16; 1993 (Reg. Sess., 1994), c. 671, s. 8; 1998-118, s. 8; 2003-347, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014