North Carolina General Statutes § 96-22 Employment of and assistance to minors

The Employment Security Section shall have jurisdiction over all matters contemplated in this Article pertaining to securing employment for all minors who avail themselves of the free employment service. The Employment Security Section shall have power to so conduct its affairs that at all times it shall be in harmony with laws relating to child labor and compulsory education; to aid in inducing minors over 16, who cannot or do not for various reasons attend day school, to undertake promising skilled employment; to aid in influencing minors who do not come within the purview of compulsory education laws, and who do not attend day school, to avail themselves of continuation or special courses in existing night schools, vocational schools, part-time schools, trade schools, business schools, library schools, university extension courses, etc., so as to become more skilled in such occupation or vocation to which they are respectively inclined or particularly adapted, including assisting those minors who are interested in securing vocational employment in agriculture and to aid in the development of good citizenship and in the study and development of vocational rehabilitation capabilities for handicapped minors.  (1921, c. 131, s. 4; C.S., s. 7312(d); Ex. Sess. 1936, c. 1, s. 12; 1979, c. 660, s. 27; 2011-401, s. 2.23.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014