Ohio Revised Code § 155.011 - Applying For Acquisition Of Minerals Rights From State.

The owner of any tract of land in which the state has retained the gas, oil, coal, and other mineral rights and right of entry may acquire such rights by purchase from the state. Such owner desiring to purchase such rights shall make application to the director of administrative services. This application shall be in such manner and form and shall contain such information as prescribed by the director. The said application shall have a deposit of a sum sufficient to pay the appraisal fees together with evidence of title to the land in which the applicant desires to purchase the mineral rights affixed thereto.

Upon receipt of the application, evidence of title, and the deposit, the director shall cause the mineral rights to be appraised by three disinterested persons. The director shall determine the fee that each appraiser shall receive. All appraisal fees shall be paid from the deposit posted by the applicant. If the deposit exceeds the appraisal fees the balance shall be returned to the applicant.

The appraisal value when approved by the director of administrative services shall constitute the purchase price. The director shall notify the applicant of the purchase price by certified or registered mail. Upon receipt of the purchase price by the director of administrative services, the auditor of state shall prepare, with the assistance of the attorney general, a deed which shall be executed by the governor, countersigned by the secretary of state, recorded in the office of the auditor of state, and delivered to the purchaser; provided, that if the purchase price has not been received within ninety days after notice of the purchase price was delivered to the applicant, the purchase price shall no longer be valid and a new application shall be instituted, a new deposit tendered, and a new appraisal had on the mineral rights.

If the applicant fails to purchase the mineral rights within one year from the date of the initial application instituted by such applicant, a purchase by such applicant may be had only upon a determination by the director of administrative services that such sale would be in the best interests of the state.

Any deed of conveyance issued under authority of this section shall be subject to existing easements, rights-of-way, and legal highways.

Net sale proceeds shall be credited to the general revenue fund except when the rights disposed of were entrusted to the state for school or religious purposes.

Effective Date: 12-04-1973

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