Ohio Revised Code § 1513.072 - Administrative Rules For Coal Exploration Operations.

(A) Coal exploration operations that substantially disturb the natural land surface shall be conducted in accordance with exploration rules adopted by the chief of the division of mineral resources management. The rules shall include, at a minimum:

(1) The requirement that prior to conducting any exploration under this section, any person shall file with the chief notice of intention to explore, which shall include a description of the exploration area and period of proposed exploration;

(2) Provisions for reclamation in accordance with the performance standards in section 1513.16 of the Revised Code of all lands disturbed in exploration, including excavations, roads, drill holes, and the removal of necessary facilities and equipment.

(B) Information submitted to the chief pursuant to this section as confidential concerning trade secrets or privileged commercial or financial information that relates to the competitive rights of the person or entity intending to explore the described area shall not be available for public examination.

(C) A person who conducts any coal exploration activities that substantially disturb the natural land surface in violation of this section or rules adopted pursuant thereto is subject to division (E) of section 1513.02 of the Revised Code.

(D) No person shall remove more than two hundred fifty tons of coal pursuant to an exploration permit without the specific written approval of the chief.

Effective Date: 06-14-2000

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Last modified: October 10, 2016