Ohio Revised Code § 1513.17 - Prohibited Acts.

(A) No person shall:

(1) Engage in coal mining or conduct a coal mining operation without a permit issued by the chief of the division of mineral resources management;

(2) Knowingly violate a condition or exceed the limits of a permit;

(3) Knowingly fail to comply with an order of the chief issued under this chapter;

(4) Knowingly violate any provision of this chapter not specifically mentioned in this section;

(5) Knowingly make any false statement, representation, or certification or knowingly fail to make any statement, representation, or certification in any application, record, report, plan, or other document filed or required to be maintained under this chapter or under a final order or decision issued by the chief;

(6) Knowingly prevent, hinder, delay, or otherwise obstruct the operator from completing backfilling, grading, resoiling, establishing successful vegetation, and meeting all other reclamation requirements of this chapter prior to the final release of the operator's performance security.

(B) Division (A)(1) of this section imposes strict criminal liability.

Effective Date: 06-14-2000; 04-06-2007

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Last modified: October 10, 2016