Ohio Revised Code § 1531.07 - Jurisdiction.

All lakes, reservoirs, and state lands dedicated to the use of the public for park and pleasure resort purposes shall be under the supervision and control of the chief of the division of wildlife with respect to the enforcement of all laws relating to the protection of birds, fish, and game. All laws for the protection of fish in inland rivers and streams of the state, and all laws for the protection of the birds, fish, and game and fur-bearing animals, shall apply to all such state reservoirs and lakes. No person shall disturb, injure, or destroy a tree, plant, lawn, embankment, decoration, or other property or kill, injure, or disturb a waterfowl, water animal, bird, or game or fur-bearing animal, kept as a semidomestic pet upon an island or within the boundary lines of Buckeye Lake, Indian Lake, The Portage Lakes, Lake St. Marys, Guilford Lake, and Lake Loramie, or any other territory over which the state has jurisdiction or an embankment or state land adjacent thereto. No person shall take or disturb fish in any lagoon or any other portion of any of the waters over which the state has jurisdiction and which have been set aside by the chief for the propagation of fish.

Effective Date: 09-30-1963

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