Ohio Revised Code § 1702.08 - Incorporation Of Such Society Or Association.

(A) When an unincorporated society or association, organized for any of the purposes for which a corporation could be formed under this chapter, authorizes the incorporation of that society or association, by the same procedure and affirmative vote of its voting members that the regulations, constitution, or other fundamental agreement of the society or association requires for an amendment to that fundamental agreement or, if no such vote is specified, by a majority vote of the voting members present in person , by the use of authorized communications equipment, by mail, or, if permitted, by proxy, at a duly convened meeting the purpose of which is stated in the notice of the meeting, then upon the filing of the articles under section 1702.04 of the Revised Code setting forth those facts and that the required vote has been obtained, that society or association shall become a corporation, and the members of the society or association shall become members of that corporation in accordance with provisions in the articles to that effect.

(B) All the rights, privileges, immunities, powers, franchises, and authority, and all the property and obligations of that unincorporated society or association, shall thereupon pass to, vest in, and (in the case of liabilities and obligations) be obligations of the corporation so formed.

Effective Date: 04-10-2001; 08-19-2005; 2006 HB699 03-29-2007

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Last modified: October 10, 2016