Ohio Revised Code § 1707.27 - Appointment Of Receiver.

If the court of common pleas is satisfied with the sufficiency of the application for a receivership, and of the sufficiency of the proof of substantial violation of sections 1707.01 to 1707.45 of the Revised Code, or of the use of any act, practice, or transaction declared to be illegal or prohibited, or defined as fraudulent by those sections or rules adopted under those sections by the division of securities, to the material prejudice of a purchaser or holder of securities, or client of an investment adviser or investment adviser representative, the court may appoint a receiver, for any person so violating sections 1707.01 to 1707.45 of the Revised Code or rules adopted under those sections by the division, with power to sue for, collect, receive, and take into the receiver's possession all the books, records, and papers of the person and all rights, credits, property, and choses in action acquired by the person by means of any such act, practice, or transaction, and also all property with which the property has been mingled, if the property cannot be identified in kind because of the commingling, and with power to sell, convey, and assign the property, and to hold and dispose of the proceeds under the direction of the court of common pleas. The court shall have jurisdiction of all questions arising in the proceedings and may make orders and decrees therein as justice and equity require.

Effective Date: 03-18-1999

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Last modified: October 10, 2016