Ohio Revised Code § 1715.17 - Legal Title To Lands.

Property conveyed in trust for the use of a religious society, church, or association, whether incorporated or not, shall be held by the trustees and their successors, appointed as provided in the instrument creating the trust, or in case no provision for successor trustees is made in such instrument, then by such successor trustees as are appointed by a competent court. No person shall be elected or appointed by such society, church, or association to act as trustee to the exclusion of any trustee appointed as provided in this section.

Title to property conveyed after October 30, 1965 to and in the name of a religious society, church, or association; charitable or other eleemosynary organization; labor union, national, state, district, regional, or other unit; whether incorporated or not, may be held in the name of such group or organization. Any right, title, or interest in property in the name of any such group or organization on October 30, 1965 is hereby confirmed in that name as if the conveyance or grant thereof had been made after such date.

Effective Date: 02-21-1967

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Last modified: October 10, 2016