Ohio Revised Code § 1723.02 - Acquiring Right To Appropriate.

The appropriation referred to in section 1732.01 of the Revised Code shall be made in accordance with sections 163.01 to 163.22 of the Revised Code. So far as the rights of the public therein are concerned, the director of transportation or other state official having supervision or control as to state roads, the board of county commissioners as to county roads, the board of township trustees as to township roads, and the legislative authority of municipal corporation as to streets and alleys in their respective jurisdictions, may grant to such companies, subject to such regulations and restrictions as such public officials prescribe, the right to lay such tubing, pipes, conduits, poles, and wires therein. But the right to appropriate for any of the purposes specified in such section does not extend to the erection of any tank, station, reservoir, or building, or lands, therefor, or to more than one continuous pipe, conduit, or tubing, or lands therefor, in or through a municipal corporation, unless the legislative authority first consents thereto.

Effective Date: 09-28-1973

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