Ohio Revised Code § 1725.04 - Appointment Of Inspectors.

Every inspector, gauger, weigher, or measurer appointed by an incorporated board of trade, chamber of commerce, merchants' exchange, or other kindred association shall be recognized as a legally appointed officer, for the duties pertaining to his position, in the city and county in which the association is located, and shall be subject to all the laws relating thereto. The certificate of such appointee as to his official acts shall be evidence binding upon the persons interested.

Every inspector, gauger, weigher, or measurer so appointed may appoint one or more deputies to be approved by the board of directors or board of officers of the association, and may take from each of his deputies a bond, with sureties, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of such deputy; but in all cases the inspector, gauger, weigher, or measurer shall be responsible for his deputy's neglect of duty or misconduct in office.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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Last modified: October 10, 2016