Ohio Revised Code § 1733.10 - Initial Meeting Of Board Of Directors.

(A) Within three business days following their election, the board of directors shall meet and elect or appoint officers and committees pursuant to the provisions of the regulations.

(B) At the first meeting of the board of directors, the directors shall take such other actions as are required of them by the articles or regulations, and may take any other actions authorized by the law, the articles, or regulations.

(C) Each director and officer of a credit union shall, when appointed or elected, take an oath that he will, so far as the duty devolves upon him, diligently and honestly administer the affairs of the credit union, and will not knowingly violate, or willingly permit to be violated, any law applicable to such credit union. Such oath shall be subscribed by the person making it, and certified by an officer authorized to administer oaths. A copy shall be filed in the records of the credit union.

Effective Date: 07-14-1987

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