Ohio Revised Code § 1733.44 - Prohibition Against Use Of Words Credit Union.

(A) No person, partnership, association, or corporation, other than credit unions and associations of such credit unions, to which all credit unions in their respective jurisdictions are eligible, shall use any name or title containing the words "credit union" or represent themselves, in advertising or elsewhere, as conducting business as a credit union.

(B) Subject to all of the following, a credit union may adopt one or more trade names:

(1) The credit union shall give written notice of the proposed trade name to the superintendent of credit unions at least thirty days before using the trade name.

(2) The superintendent may deny a credit union the right to use a given trade name or terminate a credit union's right to use a trade name for any reason.

(3) A credit union may use a trade name or a name other than its official charter name in advertising or signage, so long as it uses its official charter name in communications with the division of financial institutions and for share certificates or certificates of deposit, signature cards, loan agreements, account statements, checks, drafts, and other legal documents.

(4) A trade name shall be registered with the secretary of state pursuant to the laws of this state and the registration shall be accompanied by any written documentation issued by the superintendent relating to the right to use, denial to use, or termination of a trade name.

Effective Date: 11-19-1971; 04-14-2006

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Last modified: October 10, 2016