Ohio Revised Code § 1761.11 - Notification Of Possession Or Liquidation Of Credit Union.

(A) The superintendent of credit unions shall give prompt notice to the applicable credit union share guaranty corporation whenever he takes possession of the property and assets of a participating credit union. The superintendent shall give further prompt notice whenever he determines to liquidate the property and assets of such participating credit union.

(B) When the property and business of a participating credit union has been liquidated or is in the process of liquidation and the proceeds of liquidation distributed are insufficient to pay the full guaranteed amount of each credit union share account, the corporation shall pay each such deficiency up to the guaranteed amount within thirty days from the date the credit union share account balance is verified. When such guaranteed amounts are paid, and after charging the amount thereof to undivided or retained earnings, each participating credit union's account shall be reduced ratably based on the account balance for the total amount paid.

(C) When any member's credit union share account is paid, the corporation shall be subrogated to all rights of the member, up to the amount paid by the corporation to such member.

Effective Date: 09-14-1988

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