Ohio Revised Code § 2111.51 - County Indigent Guardianship Fund.

Each county shall establish in the county treasury an indigent guardianship fund. All revenue that the general assembly appropriates to the indigent guardianship fund for a county, thirty dollars of the thirty-five-dollar fee collected pursuant to division (A)(34) of section 2101.16 of the Revised Code, and twenty dollars of the sixty-dollar fee collected pursuant to division (A)(59) of that section shall be deposited into the fund that is established in that county. Expenditures from the fund shall be made only upon order of the probate judge and only for payment of any cost, fee, charge, or expense associated with the establishment, opening, maintenance, or termination of a guardianship for an indigent ward.

If a probate court determines that there are reasonably sufficient funds in the indigent guardianship fund of the county in which the court is located to meet the needs of indigent guardianships in that county, the court, by order, may declare a surplus in the indigent guardianship fund and expend the surplus funds for other guardianship expenses or for other court purposes.

Effective Date: 11-09-1994

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Last modified: October 10, 2016