Ohio Revised Code § 2151.18 - Court Records - Annual Report - Copies For Distribution.

(A) The juvenile court shall maintain records of all official cases brought before it, including, but not limited to, an appearance docket, a journal, and records of the type required by division (A)(2) of section 2151.35 of the Revised Code. The parents, guardian, or other custodian of any child affected, if living, or the nearest of kin of the child, if the parents would be entitled to inspect the records but are deceased, may inspect these records, either in person or by counsel, during the hours in which the court is open.

(B) Not later than June of each year, the court shall prepare an annual report covering the preceding calendar year showing the number and kinds of cases that have come before it, the disposition of the cases, and any other data pertaining to the work of the court that the juvenile judge directs. The court shall file copies of the report with the board of county commissioners. With the approval of the board, the court may print or cause to be printed copies of the report for distribution to persons and agencies interested in the court or community program for dependent, neglected, abused, or delinquent children and juvenile traffic offenders. The court shall include the number of copies ordered printed and the estimated cost of each printed copy on each copy of the report printed for distribution.

Effective Date: 07-05-2002

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Last modified: October 10, 2016