Ohio Revised Code § 2151.551 - Contents Of Communication To Foster Caregiver In Another County And School District.

During the oral communication described in section 2151.55 of the Revised Code, the representative of the placing entity shall do the following:

(A) Discuss safety and well-being concerns regarding the child and, if the child attends school, the students, teachers, and personnel of the school;

(B) Provide the following information:

(1) A brief description of the reasons the child was removed from home;

(2) Services the child is receiving;

(3) The name of the contact person for the placing entity that is directly responsible for monitoring the child's placement;

(4) The telephone number of the placing entity and, if the child is in the temporary, permanent, or legal custody of a private or government entity other than the placing entity, the telephone number of the entity with custody;

(5) The previous school district attended by the child;

(6) The last known address of the child's parents.

Effective Date: 09-29-1999

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