Ohio Revised Code § 2305.18 - Summons On Corporation In Hands Of A Receiver.

If a defendant is a corporation, either foreign or domestic, and whether its charter prescribes the manner and place of service, or either, and before the expiration of the sixty days referred to in section 2305.17 of the Revised Code it passes into the hands of a receiver, then, following such attempt to commence an action, within such sixty days [,] service may be made upon such receiver, or his cashier, treasurer, secretary, clerk, or managing agent, or if none of these can be found, by a copy of the summons left at the office or usual place of business of such agents or officers of such receiver, with the person in charge thereof. If such corporation is a railroad company, summons may be served upon any regular ticket or freight agent of the receiver, or, if there is no such agent, then on any conductor of such receiver, in any county in the state in which the company's railroad is located. The summons shall be returned as if served upon the defendant.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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Last modified: October 10, 2016