Ohio Revised Code § 2503.20 - Duties Of Reporter Of Supreme Court.

When requested by the supreme court, the reporter of the supreme court shall attend its sessions and consultations and shall report and prepare its decisions for publication under its direction. The reporter shall prepare for publication and edit, tabulate, and index those opinions and decisions of any court of appeals furnished the reporter for publication by any such court, and such opinions and decisions of any of the inferior courts, as may be designated by the reporter and approved by the chief justice of the supreme court. No cases in any court of appeals shall be reported for publication except those selected by that court of appeals, or by a majority of the judges thereof.

The supreme court may appoint assistants necessary to carry on the work of the reporter's office. The court shall fix the compensation of each assistant, which compensation shall be paid out of the state treasury upon the warrant of the director of budget and management.

Whenever a case is reported for publication, the syllabus of such case shall be prepared by the judge delivering the opinion, and approved by a majority of the members of the court. Such report may be per curiam, or if an opinion is reported, such opinion shall be written in as concise form as may be consistent with a clear presentation of the law of the case. Opinions for permanent publication in book form shall be furnished to the reporter and to no other person. All such cases shall be reported in accordance with this section before they are recognized by and receive the official sanction of any court.

Effective Date: 04-04-1985; 12-01-2006

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Last modified: October 10, 2016