Ohio Revised Code § 2729.10 - Proceedings For Restoration Of Road Records.

Upon the day fixed therefor, and upon such days thereafter as the court of common pleas directs by entry on its journal, the court shall proceed to hear and determine whether the papers produced before it pursuant to an application by a board of county commissioners under section 2729.09 of the Revised Code, or any of them, are accurate or substantial copies of the lost or destroyed records, fairly and honestly made. In considering the accuracy of such copies, the court shall hear any evidence which in its judgment clarifies the matter without regard to the ordinary rules of evidence. As often as the court finds any of such papers to be accurate or substantial copies of such records, the court shall enter such finding upon its journal and direct transcripts of such copies to be made by such persons as it selects. As often as any of such transcripts are completed to the satisfaction of the court, an entry of that fact must be made upon its journal. Thereupon the clerk of the court of common pleas shall certify on such transcript that it has been approved by the court, and deliver it to the board. Transcripts so certified prima facie have the same effect as the original from which the copies were made.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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