Ohio Revised Code § 313.05 - Appointment Of Deputy Coroners And Other Personnel.


(1) The coroner may appoint, in writing, deputy coroners, who shall be licensed physicians of good standing in their profession, one of whom may be designated as the chief deputy coroner. The coroner also may appoint pathologists as deputy coroners, who may perform autopsies, make pathological and chemical examinations, and perform other duties as directed by the coroner or recommended by the prosecuting attorney. The coroner may appoint any necessary technicians.

The coroner may contract for the services of deputy coroners to aid the coroner in the execution of the coroner's powers and duties. Contracts for the services of deputy coroners are exempt from any competitive bidding requirements of the Revised Code.

(2) The coroner may appoint, in writing, one or more secretaries and an official stenographer, who shall record the testimony of witnesses in attendance upon the coroner's inquest, preserve and file properly indexed records of all official reports, acts, and communications of the office, and perform other services as required by the coroner.

(3) The coroner may appoint clerks, stenographers, custodians, and investigators and shall define their duties.

(4) For the performance of their duties, deputy coroners, pathologists serving as deputy coroners, and technicians, stenographers, secretaries, clerks, custodians, and investigators shall receive salaries fixed by the coroner and payable from the county treasury upon the warrant of the county auditor. The compensation shall not exceed, in the aggregate, the amount fixed by the board of county commissioners for the coroner's office.

(B) A coroner may appoint, as a deputy coroner, as a pathologist serving as a deputy coroner, or as a technician, stenographer, secretary, clerk, custodian, investigator, or other employee a person who is an associate of, or who is employed by, the coroner or a deputy coroner in the private practice of medicine in a partnership, professional association, or other medical business arrangement. A coroner may appoint, as an investigator, a deputy sheriff within the county or a law enforcement officer of a political subdivision located within the county.

Effective Date: 05-08-1996; 08-17-2006; 2008 HB471 04-07-2009

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Last modified: October 10, 2016