Ohio Revised Code § 3107.082 - Duties Of Assessor Prior To Execution Of Consent.

Not less than seventy-two hours prior to the date a parent executes consent to the adoption of the parent's child under section 3107.081 of the Revised Code, an assessor shall meet in person with the parent and do both of the following unless the child is to be adopted by a stepparent or the parent resides in another state:

(A) Provide the parent with a copy of the written materials about adoption prepared under division (C) of section 3107.083 of the Revised Code, discuss with the parent the adoption process and ramifications of a parent consenting to a child's adoption, and provide the parent the opportunity to review the materials and to ask questions about the materials, discussion, and related matters;

(B) If the child, if adopted, will be an adopted person as defined in section 3107.45 of the Revised Code, inform the parent that the child and the adoptive parent may receive, in accordance with section 3107.47 of the Revised Code, identifying information about the parent that is contained in the child's adoption file maintained by the department of health unless the parent checks the "no" space provided on the component of the form prescribed under division (A)(1)(b) of section 3107.083 of the Revised Code or signs and has filed with the department a denial of release form prescribed under section 3107.50 of the Revised Code.

Amended by 130th General Assembly File No. 56, SB 23, ยง1, eff. 3/20/2015.

Effective Date: 07-01-2000

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Last modified: October 10, 2016