Ohio Revised Code § 3111.23 - Acknowledgment Filed With Office Of Child Support.

The natural mother, the man acknowledging he is the natural father, or the other custodian or guardian of a child, a child support enforcement agency pursuant to section 3111.22 of the Revised Code, a local registrar of vital statistics pursuant to section 3705.091 of the Revised Code, or a hospital staff person pursuant to section 3727.17 of the Revised Code, in person or by mail, may file an acknowledgment of paternity with the office of child support in the department of job and family services, acknowledging that the child is the child of the man who signed the acknowledgment. The acknowledgment of paternity shall be made on the affidavit prepared pursuant to section 3111.31 of the Revised Code, shall be signed by the natural mother and the man acknowledging that he is the natural father, and each signature shall be notarized. The mother and man may sign and have the signature notarized outside of each other's presence. An acknowledgment shall be sent to the office no later than ten days after it has been signed and notarized. If a person knows a man is presumed under section 3111.03 of the Revised Code to be the father of the child described in this section and that the presumed father is not the man who signed an acknowledgment with respect to the child, the person shall not notarize or file the acknowledgment pursuant to this section.

Effective Date: 03-22-2001

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Last modified: October 10, 2016