Ohio Revised Code § 3735.44 - Planning, Zoning, And Sanitary Laws Applicable To Housing Projects.

The planning, zoning, and sanitary laws of the state and of any political subdivision or agency thereof in which a housing project is located shall apply to housing projects of a metropolitan housing authority to the same extent as if said projects were planned, constructed, owned, or operated by private persons. All powers granted in said laws or in any municipal charter to or over privately owned land, buildings, or structures are hereby granted over and in relation to housing projects or authorities. In the planning and location of any housing project, an authority shall take into consideration the relationship of the project to any state, regional, county, or municipal plan. Before any housing project of an authority is determined upon by the authority or any real estate is acquired or any agreement for its acquisition is made, the location, extent, and general features of the proposed layout shall be submitted to the planning commission of the municipal corporation or other political subdivision in which the proposed project is located, for the advice of such planning commission upon the proposed location, extent, and general features of the layout.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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Last modified: October 10, 2016