Ohio Revised Code § 3911.03 - Copies Of Applications And Documents.

Every person holding a policy of insurance issued by a company on the life of any person is entitled to be furnished by the company with a copy of any application or document held by it, either written or printed, upon which such policy was issued, or which may affect its validity. Upon demand made for such copy by the holder of a policy, or by any person upon whose life it was so issued, the company shall make and forthwith furnish to such holder or person a certified copy of all such applications or friends certificates, under the hand of the president, secretary, or other proper officer of the company and under its seal.

If such company neglects or fails for thirty days from the time of such demand to furnish to such person a copy of all papers mentioned in this section, it thereafter is forever barred from setting up, by way of defense to a suit on the policy of insurance, any error or incorrectness, or fraud or misrepresentation of the person making such papers, or any mistake therein. Such application or other document shall thereafter be considered as true and correct in all respects, so far as it affects any claim under such policy, or fund secured thereby.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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