Ohio Revised Code § 3911.13 - Beneficiary In Case Of Death Of Spouse.

The amount of the insurance provided for in sections 3911.09 to 3911.12 of the Revised Code, may be made payable, in case of death of the spouse before the period at which it becomes due, to his, her, or their children, in being at the date of the policy or born thereafter, for their use, or to their guardian if they are under age, or to any person, firm, or corporation in trust for them for their benefit, as provided in the policy of insurance. If there are no children or other designated beneficiary or assignee, upon the death of the spouse, such policy shall revert to and become the property of the party whose life is insured, unless it has been transferred.

Effective Date: 08-31-1976

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Last modified: October 10, 2016