Ohio Revised Code § 3913.38 - Attorney General May Review Transactions Involving Nonprofit Health Care Entities.

The attorney general may, under authority granted under common law and sections 109.23, 109.24, 109.34, and 109.35 of the Revised Code, review any transaction, as defined in section 109.34 of the Revised Code, involving nonprofit health care entities. Nothing in section 3901.043 or sections 3913.25 to 3913.37 of the Revised Code shall be construed to limit the independent authority of the attorney general to protect and preserve charitable assets and charitable trusts of such entities. In addition, nothing in this section shall be construed to limit or expand any other common law or statutory authority of the attorney general.

Effective Date: 09-16-1997

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Last modified: October 10, 2016