Ohio Revised Code § 3919.26 - Fees - Exceptions.

The fees to be paid by each corporation, company, or association described in section 3919.21 of the Revised Code to the superintendent of insurance, for the authority granted by him to it and its agents under the license to transact business in this state, shall be as follows:

(A) For filing a copy of the charter or articles of incorporation, twenty-five dollars;

(B) For filing each annual statement, twenty dollars;

(C) For issuing a certificate of authority or license to the company or association, one dollar;

(D) For issuing a license to each agent, one dollar;

(E) For affixing a seal and certifying any paper, one dollar.

Any company or association may pay to the superintendent the sum of twenty-five dollars for licenses issued to its agents for the year, and by so doing is entitled without further charge to licenses for as many agents as it may choose to appoint for that year. When any other state or country imposes any obligations in excess of those imposed by sections 3919.01 to 3919.41, inclusive, of the Revised Code, upon any such corporation of this state, a like obligation shall be imposed on similar corporations, and their agents, of such state or country doing business in this state.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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